The Colorado School of Mines’ Summer Multicultural Engineering Training (SUMMET) Program Application is now open!
What’s SUMMET?
The Summer Multicultural Engineering Training (SUMMET) is an engineering, science and technology program designed for rising juniors and seniors who are from underrepresented populations, including ethnic/racial minority, women and prospective first-generation college students. Students from Colorado and Oklahoma are eligible to apply to the program.SUMMET combines course work, hands-on projects, industry tours, team building activities and social events. SUMMET provides exposure to the lifestyle, opportunities and challenges of college and is designed to help build skills and experiences for a smooth transition from high school to college. SUMMET is a two-week residential program, allowing participants to live on campus for the duration for the program, experience life as a college student, and participate in STEM related curriculum instruction.

The program is available at no cost to participants, with the exception of a $50 confirmation fee for students accepted into the program. Transportation to and from the program is not included in the cost and is currently the responsibility of participants.

SUMMET Session Dates
June 2 – June 14, 2019
June 16 – June 28, 2019
July 7 – July 19, 2019

A link to the application, and directions to apply are below.

Three Step Application Process
1. Students must click the application button below and submit an application by 11:59pm MST on February 1, 2019.

2. Student must meet a minimum unweighted GPA of 3.3, and upload their current, unofficial transcript to their application.

3. In the application, the student must answer each of the following prompts:

  • Why do you think you should be chosen to attend SUMMET?
  • How do you expect to benefit from SUMMET?
  • What school activities are you involved with and why do you choose to participate in them?
  • What community service have/are you involved with and why?
  • Please describe a stressful situation that you have encountered and how you handled it.

Students must submit a completed application by 11:59pm MST on February 1, 2019.