At ECA we are committed to providing gifted and talented students with the highest level of education possible. The early college model is an excellent model for providing gifted students with access to high level and rigorous curriculum. At ECA we work in collaboration with parents, students, teachers, staff members, and other stakeholders to provide each gifted student with an individualized advanced learning plan that will help them to reach their full potential.

Supports and Services

As an Early College serving grades 6-12, ECA’s primary programming option for gifted students is acceleration and concurrent enrollment. Because ECA offers a full continuum of middle school to college level courses, GT students and those identified in our talent pool are placed in the course level most commensurate with their abilities. Current research suggests that acceleration is the most effective means to promote growth for GT students. Research clearly shows that grade skipping does work well for students that are gifted in multiple areas. We also utilize more targeted single subject acceleration to place students in advanced classes in the specific areas that they excel in.

ECA also employs a variety of differentiation strategies to serve GT students in mixed-ability classrooms. Some of these strategies include:

  • Flexible grouping for GT students
  • Extension projects.
  • Project menus
  • Ability to do research on areas of interest
  • Access to higher level reading materials
  • Modified assignments

ECA classroom teachers are trained to help implement these strategies in their classrooms.

ECA also offers a wide menu of extracurricular and enrichment opportunities. These extra-curricular activities are a great source of enrichment opportunities for our gifted students.

ECA offers several excursions for GT students. In addition to offering GT students with meaningful enrichment opportunities, these trips are designed to help students form and strengthen relationships with other gifted students

The ECA counseling department also helps support GT students’ affective needs and ensure that their Individual Career and Academic Plans line up with their interests and areas of exceptionality.

ECA is also happy to provide scheduling accommodations for our exceptional athletes, musicians and performers so that they can more fully participate in activities outside of school.