Japanese Club
Room 232 (Ms. Fink’s room)

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Japanese Club is currently suspended until further notice. 

We plan to resume once COVID restrictions are lifted.  We will keep you updated. 

Any students interested are welcome, no previous Japanese experience needed!

All student are welcome, even if you want to join partway through the year!

Japanese Club is a time to learn a completely different language and culture from your own! We learn how to read and write the Japanese alphabet and start speaking in Japanese! Learning about a new language helps understand your first language in different ways and helps you look at situations from more than one side. Learning a new culture along with the language helps connect you with the world in completely new says. Not to mention it looks great on a college application!

Some things that Japanese club does along with our language study is cook Japanese foods (previously we’ve made onigiri, takoyaki, yakiniku, sushi, and dango), create origami using Japanese instructions, watch movies and television shows in Japanese, write Japanese calligraphy, have Japanese tea ceremonies, observe Japanese holidays, and so much more!

Japanese Tea Ceremonies
Japanese Language
Japanese Culture
Japanese food
Japanese TV

A ton of fun!