This medical information is intended to assist you with ECA’s policies on how best to serve the health needs of your student. Please read this entire document and let ECA’s Health Manager know if you have any concerns or questions and they will be happy to assist you.

ECA MEDICAL TEAM – The ECA Medical Team works under the School Nurse’s license governed by the Nurse Practice Act. These team members prepare and enforce medical health plans and policies, secure and administer medications, evaluate medical needs for students who are ill, handle emergencies, contact parents to coordinate students being picked up from school in the event that they are ill, and more. The ECA Medical Team consists of:

  • Julie Ramsey
  • Shawna Hodgson
  • Marlene Fuentes
  • Jen Davis


Emily Ziniel, RN, CPN, Ae-C
Children’s Hospital Colorado School Health Program Nurse Consultant
Phone:  (720) 281-7735
Fax:  (720) 777-7965

Guidelines for how sick is too sick to come to school according to the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment

Picking Up Students When Injured or Ill

Students shall check in with the clinic prior to contacting parents/guardians to be picked up from school due to illness in order to be excused from school.  Should a student not check in with one of our ECA medical team members prior to going home ill, the absence may not be considered an excused absence. Parents and Guardians are expected to pick up their student as soon as possible or make other arrangements for them to be picked up in a reasonable time frame. Students who are sick or injured often need medical attention and we simply do not have the resources to accommodate them for a long period of time.

Doctor’s Orders

When is this needed and why?

Whenever your student has been given medication for an illness or injury, we must have doctor’s orders provided to us prior to administering or storing your student’s medication.

Please note that doctor’s orders take precedence or priority over parent/guardian wishes. If parents wish to make changes for their student, most commonly, we need to get that change in writing from the doctor before implementation.

Doctor’s orders must be given to a member of the ECA Medical Team by the parent/guardian so they may be reviewed for completeness and clarity before leaving your student at school.


Parents must drop off all medications to an ECA staff member whether it is over the counter or prescription medication.

Students are allowed to have “over the counter” and prescription medication at school as long as doctor’s orders and parent permission are on file in ECA’s Health Office. In some cases, students may carry their  medications, such as an inhaler, but we still need the appropriate documents completed for that. Asthma forms are completely different than the normal prescription or over the counter medications.

All medications must be given to us in their original bottle for over the counter medications or the prescription bottle from the pharmacy. We cannot accept medications in any other container, for example, a zip lock bag or envelope.

Doctor’s orders must accompany all medications. The doctor must indicate on the orders if he/she wishes for the student to carry their medications. Otherwise, they will be locked in the Health Office and students may obtain their medication from Mrs. Koltak.

Permission for Medication Administration at School
CO Asthma Care Plan Feb 2021
Standard Health Plan for Allergy-Anaphylaxis PDF enabled – June 2018


Parents/Guardians are responsible for ensuring all immunizations are current prior to your student attending ECA. For those who wish their students be exempt from immunizations, an exemption form must be signed and kept in the student’s file.  Personal and religious exemptions must be filled out every year. Medical exemptions are good forever.

Students will be sent home if they have not been immunized or if a signed exemption has not been provided.

In the event of an outbreak of a disease, those students not immunized will be sent home until the outbreak has been cleared.

Colorado Immunization Schedule Children 7-18 Years Old

Parent Letter Regarding Immunizations – English

Parent Letter Regarding Immunizations – Spanish

Parent Letter Regarding Immunizations – All Available Languages

Vaccine Exemption Forms

Disease Control and Public Health Response Portal


  • HOME (OFF CAMPUS) INJURIES – If your student is injured at home or off campus for example, evenings or weekends, please see ECA’s Health Manager prior to your student attending their first class. If you drop them off and leave our premises and they have crutches or braces, etc., but no doctor’s orders for any special accommodations, we will have no choice but to ask you to please come back for your student. For their safety and well-being, we are obligated to ensure we are following proper orders and accommodations so they are safe and comfortable while at school.
  • SCHOOL (ON CAMPUS) INJURIES – If your student is injured on campus, either the Parent/Guardian or designate must pick them up in a relatively short time frame.
  • AMBULANCE – In the event your student has a serious injury at ECA and the Parent/Guardian is not readily available to pick up their student, then an ambulance will be called. The expense for an ambulance is the sole responsibility of the Parent/Guardian.

Ice / Bandages

ECA will provide ice and/or bandages for minor injuries such as swelling, visible bruises or cuts for injuries that occurred on campus. These items will not be provided for injuries which occurred off campus.