Early College of Arvada’s counseling department assists students in their academic, social/emotional, and career readiness pursuits.  Appointments are available to help you with the following:

    • Habilidades organizativas
    • Habilidades de manejo del tiempo
    • Habilidades de estudio
    • Habilidades de afrontamiento
    • Programación (asegurándose de que los estudiantes estén programados en clases de nivel apropiado)
    • Apoyo de clase
    • Recursos para estudiantes y familias
    • Planificacion de la universidad 
    • Planificación de Carrera (Enlace a PDF - PDF Necesario)

ECA se asocia con dos universidades locales para brindar acceso no solo a créditos de preparatoria sino también a créditos universitarios gratuitos.

College Application Season is here! 

Students have been provided with the following checklist.  Parents are encouraged to help their college-bound students  through the application process. If you have any questions about College Applications or want to discuss alternative, post-graduation paths, please reach out to me, Bridgette Foster, at bfoster@ecarvada.org.

1) Create a Common App account (do not request letters of recommendation until you link the Common App with Naviance, or it will not work).

Common App Website to Sign Up

What is the Common App?

2) Finalize a list of Colleges you plan on applying to in Naviance. Move them from “colleges I am thinking about” to “colleges I’m applying to”.

How to add Colleges to your Naviance account

3) Match you Naviance and Common App Accounts

How to Match Naviance with Common App

Please double check that you add ECA as your school and waive FERPA.

4) Note the deadlines for each College you want to apply to. Are you applying Early Decision, Early Action, Regular Decision, or Rolling Admission?

4 Types of College deadlines explained

5) Does a College on your list require an essay? Does the College require multiple, supplemental essays? You can find this information through their website or by adding the College to your Naviance/Common App.

Common App Essay Prompts

Tips for writing a great Common App Essay

Word Limit (over 250, under 650).

I am happy to proofread a draft of your essay and provide feedback.

6) Complete a Brag Sheet and share with me via google drive. A completed Brag Sheet will help me write a great counselor recommendation for you (required for every application). You may also share your Brag Sheet with those writing a Letter of Recommendation for you.

 Brag Sheet.docx

7) Letters of Recommendation (LOR). How many LORs you need depends on each College’s application requirements, much like the essays.

Who should I ask for a LOR?

Request a LOR through common app (DO NOT do this until your Common App and Naviance accounts are matched).

8) If you qualify, complete a Fee Waiver Application form. If you do not qualify, I suggest calling the college/university’s financial aid office anyway and requesting a fee waiver.

Common App Fee Waiver

9) Apply to FAFSA Apply Here

FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aide. It is need based, meaning funds are awarded based on factors such as household income, number of claimed dependents etc.. It is first come first serve, so apply ASAP. You will need your parents 2020 tax return to complete the application, and a few other things 7 Things you Need to Apply to FAFSA

Remember to write down your username and password, as you must apply to FAFSA each year. No excuse not to apply. FAFSA provides free money towards your education!

Bridgette L. Foster
School Counselor
720.473.4400 x107

Bridgette Foster
Consejero de secundaria

High School Student Counseling
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La siguiente es una lista de cursos de créditos universitarios recientes o actualmente disponibles:

FRCC Comm 115 Hablar en público 3 1 ENG 10
FRCC Comp I Eng 121 3 1 ENG 10
FRCC Comp II Eng 122 3 1 ENG 10
Escritura creativa de FRCC ENG 221 3 1 ENG 10
FRCC HUM 121 US Hist I 3 1 SOC 10
FRCC HUM 122 US Hist II 3 1 SOC 10
FRCC LIT 115 Introducción a la literatura 3 1 ENG 10
Matemáticas profesionales de FRCC MAT 107 3 1 ESTERA 10
FRCC MAT 120 Matemáticas para las Artes Liberales 4 1 ESTERA 10
Estadísticas de FRCC MAT 135 3 1 ESTERA 10
UCD Chem NPS 2031 3 2 SCI 10
UCD College Algebra MAT 1110 3 1 ESTERA 10
UCD Historia de los Estados Unidos temprana HIST 1361 * 3 1 SOC 10
UCD Enviro NPS 1042 4 1 SCI 10
UCD Introducción a la filosofía 3 1 SOC / ENG 10
UCD Introducción a la ficción 3 1 ENG 10
UCD MAT 1401 Calc 4 2 ESTERA 10
UCD MAT 166 Pre-Calc 4 1 ESTERA 10
Estadísticas UCD MAT 2830 3 1 ESTERA 10
Arte narrativo de la UCD en la literatura y el cine. 3 1 ENG 10
UCD NPS 2010 Física 4 2 SCI 10
Servicio Público UCD 3 1 SOC 10
UCD Spa 1 5 1 LAN 10
UCD Spa 2 5 1 LAN 10
Historia de Estados Unidos de UCD HIST 1362 * 3 1 SOC 10