Audyn Quintana

My name is Audyn Quintana. I am a residential mortgage loan originator, mortgage advisor, and mortgage planner. I’ve been originating mortgages since 2016 and have been in the mortgage industry since 1999. I have built my mortgage practice upon Bob Burgs book, “The Go Giver”. The idea behind the book, “The Go Giver” are five laws. One of those laws is, the law of value. “Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment”. That is my goal to add value to every person I meet. I am currently the Arvada Young Professional Community Impact Chair.

I am a husband to Rosy. I’m a father to Gabby, Angel and Audyn Jr. My family is everything to me. When I am not serving my clients in the office, I am spending time with my kids driving them to all their activities. Including gymnastics meets karate tournaments and soccer games. When I have a free day, I like spending it with my high school sweetheart, my wife. I enjoy teaching industry topics to clients and industry partners.