Who are we? The TimberGriffen Theater Company

     We are named for a partnership that was forged in 2016, due to circumstances beyond our control, including the Coronavirus, much of our ability to collaborate has gone virtual or unfortunately been put on hold. But despite the challenges this year brings we are excited to continue to offer our students and community quality theater and arts education programs.
     Our past achievements are the building blocks on which we are continuing our tradition of excellence, including an original adaptation of the Neil Gaimen novel Coraline, producing a production of Chicago the High School addition with the help of a free license, of which we were only 1 of 10 schools awarded the opportunity nationally. We’ve also been lucky enough to work with Wonderbound and their incredible tech internship. Other notable show’s we’ve proudly produced have been Dead Man Walking, Guys and Dolls, Steel Magnolias, and during the Covid crisis a completely virtually produced, live streamed production of Noises Off. We’ve been given some awesome opportunities and we’re thrilled that our program has enabled several of our students to successfully work in professional theaters as actors and stage hands, as well as helped a recent ECA grad attain a position in the highly competitive musical theater program at CU Boulder.
     This program is a gem and a yet undiscovered diamond in the rough for the Federal Heights and Arvada community. Take a chance on us, see a show. Support local theater and theater education. You’ll be surprised by what our kids can do!

Encore Performing Arts – What we offer!

     In a normal school year we’d be offering acting classes, choir, and instrumental music. However due to the pandemic our Performing Arts offerings have shifted a little bit. We are offering a Film and Digital Music making course for both in person and online only students, in addition we have a leadership class for high school students focusing on building important skills, deepening self-understanding, and opening up students to the broader community and what is possible. Our Performing Arts department has also teamed up with Physical education to bring our MS students a Creative Movement course designed to get kids moving while teaching them problem solving and self care. Our honor choir, the Erocne chorale is still around, but a little smaller this year and opening up their performance mediums to include instrumental music that is easier to socially distance.
    The Timbergriffen Theater Company is proud and exciting to jump into their next season. Our shows for this year are Prodigy  – a New musical about a young woman dealing with her own mental health as she gains success as a cellist while learning about her father’s similar struggles with depression. We will be producing this work as a film, pre-recording music and staging scenes on location or on created sets. We also look forward to partnering the premiere of this film with a mental health awareness campaign. This is a great opportunity for our students to learn film acting and film production. Our spring play is yet to be determined but will be a radio play performed and recorded completely remotely, this show will be directed by Sam Dei Rossi as Ms. Graham will be out for maternity leave in late March. We will likely not have a summer show, but if we are able to, it would be our long and highly anticipated production of Rainbow Fish. Typically our summer productions are student directed and offer acting opportunities to our elementary and middle school students and community members.
        We are continuing an opportunity we started last year for students to learn a different part of the theater experience. We will be once again recruiting a production team to support, promote, and manage our two major productions this year. We are looking for students interested in leadership, marketing, music, art, FILM and theater! If you are into any of those things talk to Ms Graham and keep reading. This is perfect for students who love theater but don’t want to be on stage. Students who participate in our production team play a crucial role in creating the show and making it successful. Learn how to promote a production, the power of social media, how to write press releases and submit them locally, how to work with vendors to get materials and how to post materials (like posters) in the community effectively. Learn how to organize an event, set up a ticketing system and run an event. We are thrilled to open this opportunity up to our students!

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Timbergriffens Present Classic 1940’s/50’s Radio Plays!!!!

Mark your calendars for April 22-24th when our Timbergriffen Theater Co will be streaming a selection of classic 1940’s/50’s radio plays!
This is an open performance that will be streamed on out Timbergriffen Youtube channel.

Suggested minimum donation is $10 paid through https://ecarvada.booktix.com/

(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeg7UkfUBobJ1nGKwLAkiaw)  If you subscribe and click the notifications bell you’ll get notified when we’re live!

Aeddon Mcphearson, Apollo Downie, Kaela Bredine, and Riley Foster are performing alongside guest artist Paul Campbell from the Boulder Upstart Crow Theater Company, and cameos from yours truly and my codirector Sam Dei Rossi.

COVID has hit everyone hard and our theater arts department can use your support.  We ask that you make the minimum donation of $10 to enjoy this fantastic presentation. If you would like to donate more we graciously accept your kind generosity and are happy to provide you with a tax-deductible receipt.  To request a tax-deductible receipt, please contact jramsey@ecarvada.org.  Thank you for supporting our students, our program, our school, and the love of the arts!