Who are we? TimberGriffen Theater Company

     We are the joint efforts of Early College of Arvada and The Pinnacle Charter school. We joined forces in 2016 because ECA had incredible kids but no space, and PCS had the space and an incredible tech internship with Wonderbound.
      Zachary Vaughn and Kelly Bidstrup Graham met, and realized they were directing soul mates. Working incredibly well together, they navigated the merging of two different directorial styles and combining student bodies to pull off 2 really wonderful shows their first year; Sherlock Holmes and Guys and Dolls. During the 2017-2018 season they’ve taken on 3 productions, a 24 hour 1 act festival, In the Heights, and Steel Magnolias. Every show we get better and better.
      The 2018-2019 season lineup was announced at the close of Steel Magnolias and it includes a summer camp for middle school students and leadership/directing opportunities for high school students. The feature shows for the coming year are Little Shop of Horrors as well as something truly incredible. TimberGriffen has been granted the rights to adapt Neil Gaiman’s story “Coraline” into a theatre production, something that, to our knowledge, has not been done before.
     This program is a gem for both schools and a yet undiscovered diamond in the rough for the Federal Heights and Arvada community. Take a chance on us, see a show. Support local theater and theater education. You’ll be surprised by what our kids can do!

Encore Performing Arts – What we offer!

We offer several classes for our students who sing, play and act! Middle school students will participate in introductory Choir and Drama classes, Middle School and High School students can opt in to take an Instrumental Music course, and we offer an auditioned honor choir class for High school students that meets before school at 7:20am, we call them the Erocne Chorale.
In MS Choir students learn about music theory basics and how to sing! In Ms Drama students learn the basics of how to be on stage, the terminology, expectations, and how to tell a story and create a character. In our Instrumental class we allow students to bring in and play any instrument they have access to or they are interested in and we make a unique ensemble every semester of varied instruments and ability levels. It’s a challenge but it’s pretty darn cool. And in the Erocne Chorale students hone their craft and work on singing a more complex repertoire, they work on a capella pieces, jazz, popular tunes, and challenging historical pieces. They perform in the community and work as an outreach group representing ECA in our area!

We Are TimberGriffens!
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          The Timbergriffen Theater Company is proud and exciting to jump into their next season. Our shows for this year are Chicago – High School Edition and Noises Off! With a children’s summer show to be determined.
          We are excited to continue to grow our program and this year to offer new and exciting opportunities for our Encore Students.  We are continuing our tradition of excellence with our Erocne Chorale. This is our elite honor choir for high school students. If your student is interested in joining please set up an audition with Ms. Bidstrup Graham and prepare 1 minute of a favorite song. She can be contacted at KGraham@ecarvada.org This year the class will be during the school day as opposed to a before school 0 hour class as it has been for the past 2 years.
          We are opening up a new opportunity for students to learn a different part of the theater experience. We will for the first time be recruiting a production team to support, promote, and manage our two major theatrical productions. We are looking for students interested in leadership, marketing, music, art, and theater! If you are into any of those things talk to Ms Graham and keep reading. This is perfect for students who love theater but don’t want to be on stage. Students who participate in our production team play a crucial role in creating the show and making it successful. Learn how to promote a production, the power of social media, how to write press releases and submit them locally, how to work with vendors to get materials and how to post materials (like posters) in the community effectively. Learn how to organize an event, set up a ticketing system and run an event. We are thrilled to open this opportunity up to our students!
          We will continue to offer a technical theater internship through Wonderbound. This opportunity takes place at the Performing Arts Complex at pcs (1001 84th Ave) Mondays 3-6pm with other events and dates to be determined. Contact Eleanor Moriarty at eleanor.moriarty@pinnaclecharterschool.org
Chicago – High School Edition

We are so thankful to have been given the opportunity to produce this show. We won the rights to this show because our students do incredible things everyday and out of thousands of high schools nationally our kids were chosen for this opportunity. Auditions for this show will take place in September. Please prepare a 1 minute monologue and 1 minute (or 32 bars) of a song ideally in the jazz style. The show will be performed in January/February.

Our school is one of 10 nationally that has been give a free license to produce Chicago: High School Edition. We are so excited to be given this honor and to have our school and our theater program recognized this way! Check us out:

Are you curious as to how we were able to get the free license to produce Chicago?  Check this out:  VIDEO
Noises Off! 
We are sooooo excited to take on this challenging and fun show. We will audition for this show in January. The performances will take place in April.
Other events! 
Encore students will perform 4 concerts this year, 2 in the fall and  2 in the spring. Dates to be determined. All choir, drama and Instrumental music students will perform at these concerts. We will be doing a Barnes and Noble fundraising night in December. And be on the look out for other fundraising activities!
Encore in the Classroom 
Choir – Students learn to sing, read  music, write music and perform all varieties of music!
Drama – Students learn to speak clearly and with a presence, they learn how to create a character, tell a story, and what it takes to create a show from the ground up including writing their own scripts.
Instrumental – Students in this unique ensemble get to learn or continue to learn ANY instrument of their choice. This class requires dedication and commitment to learn how to learn for yourself to contribute to a larger cause. Learn to problem solve and build a team in a fun and creative environment.

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