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I’ve taught at the Early College Arvada for almost four years now, and I consider it my happy place. The students are the reason why. The students bring joy to the school with their hard work, wonder, curiosity, humor, laughter, and sense of decency. At ECA, we offer wonderful opportunities for students to take a large variety of classes from diverse and experienced faculty. Additionally, we have administrators who treat students and teachers with respect and prioritize academic freedom as an essential component of the educational process. This environment makes our school one of growth and learning in the best way possible. I’m definitely privileged to be a part of this special community.
–Dr. Aaron Rudolph, High School Teacher and College Instructor

I had worked for a large district for over 20 years and had experienced being boxed in and told to fit the mold. I was feeling more and more like a number instead of a person. With my skills and experience I could have gone to a variety of schools, however I chose to come to ECA. When I first entered ECA I noticed that it was a school that encouraged teachers to bring ideas forward and to help each other through collaboration. For the first time in years, I felt like what I was doing was valued and important. ECA is a team that is small and close knit that has each other’s backs instead what I had experienced before in the big district disconnection. As a math teacher at ECA I am trusted to pace my own curriculum and do what I feel benefits our students most. ECA understands that staff and students don’t fit neatly into premade boxes, but instead must be given space to create their own shape and grow as they are able to. Staff and students are supported and held to high expectations. Working at ECA is a teaching experience as teaching should be!
–Krista Borland, Middle School and High School Math Teacher