Todd Cordrey

Executive Director

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    The Executive Director of The Early College of Arvada is ECA’s most senior leadership position, with strategic and operational oversight for all functions and activities within the School. In partnership with the Board of Directors, the Executive Director is responsible for developing the strategic plan an working with his/her staff to implement the plan. The Executive Director is accountable for broad organizational functions, such as the financial management of the organization including budgeting and fundraising; marketing and public relations; employee satisfaction; student enrollment and retention; and partnerships with external organizations including higher education institutions and community organizations. Responsible for the growth and well-being of the School, the Executive Director ensures that the appropriate leaders, processes, and systems are in place to support academic and student excellence. The Executive Director is the key interface with all stakeholders and is responsible for maintaining positive relationships with students, parents, staff, board members, members of the community, and ECA’s charter authorizer.

Personal Insight

    I grew up attending public and Catholic schools in Albuquerque, New Mexico. My parents are my inspiration; my mom started school as a monolingual Spanish speaker and my dad broke the college barrier for our family.  As an educator, I have an affirmative responsibility to ensure that your child succeeds at his or her highest level.  I bring 16 years of K-12 educational leadership experience ranging from being a sixth grade charter school teacher, college faculty in the Principal Licensure Program at the University of Colorado, Board President of a large urban school district, Superintendent of a public school district in Colorado, and most recently as an Executive Director of a thriving charter school.  In those roles, I focused on student learning, parent engagement, staff satisfaction and retention, and community ownership and participation.  I believe in a philosophy of “no excuses” when it comes to student learning, and strive to make learning enjoyable, accountable, engaging, and authentic each day and for every student.  This is consistent with the Early College of Arvada belief that equity of opportunity is a starting point for a successful school, and that equity of outcome, as measured by the attainment of individual student potential, is the appropriate standard for an early college school.  Simply put, we are committed to your child’s academic success in middle school, high school, and through their associate’s degree.