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ECA’s Summer Hours

Monday – Thursday from 9:30 – 2:00 p.m.
Fridays = Closed

The building will be closed June 22nd – July 17th reopening July 20th with limited hours (TBD) 

Please feel free to call the main line and leave a message after hours.
Your call will be returned as soon as possible.

If you would like a tour of ECA, please call our main line to schedule an appointment.
We will do our best to accommodate your schedule.

To honor our ECA graduating class of 2020,
the City of Arvada displayed our school colors on
the Arvada water tower May 21st. 

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Messages from Staff


Success. We Can and We Will!

                         Name                        Points                                            Ranking


53.5 Performance Plan: Meets 95% Participation



Improvement Plan: Meets 95% Participation



Priority Improvement Plan: Decreased due to Participation


Improvement Plan: Meets 95% Participation

Our students go to college at twice the rate of other schools and earn 4 times the number of college credits
while in high school.

Travel Internationally with Early College of Arvada!

 Our upcoming trip to Panama has been postponed from June 2020 to March 2021.

We’re now preparing for our 2021 trip to Italy, France and Spain.  Join us for our first informational meeting February 6th at 6 p.m. in Mr. Olson’s classroom.  Check our Events page for more details or click HERE

Posted by the City of Arvada:

Thanks to students who presented ideas to the City at a Resilience Expo last week. They re-imagined neighborhoods and shared ideas for a more resilient and prepared . Learn more about resilient neighborhoods:

Click Here To Read The Post

Dr. Danielle Ladd wins the prestigious “Outstanding Colorado High School Educator Award”

The University of Colorado Boulder would like to recognize an outstanding member of your staff, who goes above and beyond to support students as they pursue their higher education dreams. Staff selected for the CU Boulder Outstanding Colorado High School Educator Award will receive an award certificate and an invitation to our Outstanding Colorado Student and Educator Award Night in May, where they will be honored for their dedication to supporting students’ higher education dreams.

Dr. Danielle Ladd gana el prestigioso “Premio excepcional de Educador de Colorado High School “

A la Universidad de Colorado Boulder le gustaría reconocer a un miembro destacado de su personal, que va a la distancia para apoyar a los estudiantes que persiguen sus sueños mayores de educación. El personal seleccionado para el Premio para los Educadores CU Boulder Colorado High School Excepcionales recibirán un certificado de premio y una invitación a nuestra Noche de Premios para los Alumnos y Educadores Destacados de Colorado en mayo, donde serán homenajeados por su dedicación al apoyo de los sueños de educación superior de los estudiantes.
2019-20 School Days
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What Is Early College?

“Early college” means a secondary school that provides only a curriculum that is designed in a manner that requires each student to enroll in and complete secondary and postsecondary courses while enrolled in the four years of high school such that, upon successful completion of the curriculum, the student who successfully completes the curriculum will have completed either the requirements of a high school diploma and an associate’s degree or other postsecondary credential or at least sixty credits toward the completion of a postsecondary credential. The curriculum must be designed to be completed within four years.


ECA’s mission is to open pathways to opportunities for students and families. Our school provides rigorous academics and the opportunity to earn substantial college credit for free while honoring each student’s unique journey. Our community is built on a foundation of mutual trust and respect, and a belief that everyone matters.

Expanding possibilities for all

Committed to justice, honesty, and integrity

Fostering respect for human dignity

Always in service to others – students, community, family, nation, and the world

Exemplifying endurance and resiliency, courage and perseverance

Passionate in the pursuit of excellence

Unlocking the power of relationships

Igniting curiosity and nurturing wonder

ECA is an educational powerhouse that affects the communities it serves socially, educationally and financially.


     ECA’s mission is to open pathways to opportunities for students and families. Our school provides rigorous academics and the opportunity to earn substantial college credits for free while honoring each student’s unique journey. We provide a safe, inclusive environment where students have fun learning.  Our ECA community is built on a foundation of mutual trust and respect, and a belief that everyone matters.


We Push The Boundaries

Sneak A Peek into Our School

Early College of Arvada earned the “early college” designation in 2009.  We adopted the “We Can and We Will” motto as it represents our staff enabling our students to be successful members of society and achieve their highest academic goals.  It also reflects our students’ commitment to acknowledging not only that they CAN achieve their goals and dreams but that they WILL achieve those goals and dreams.

Check out our video to see what it’s like to be an ECA Griffin.


“ECA’s guidance led to a brighter future than I had ever imagined.”

Zach Ellison, 2016 Valedictorian

“My daughter started at ECA in sixth grade. She has grown in confidence thanks to the small community of students and exceptional teachers.”

Michelle, A Proud ECA Parent

“At ECA, I found the support system I needed to succeed.”

Jermaiah Sawaqed, 2018 ECA graduate and Daniels Scholar

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