Katy Warrick

History and Social Studies Teacher
BA, History, Principia College
MA, History, Villanova University

About Me


I am a native of Evergreen, Colorado, and will always be a mountain girl at heart. However, my desire for adventure has led me to travel around the world and live all over the U.S.  After high school I attended Principia College, a small liberal arts school in Illinois, where I discovered my love of history. I followed that passion to Philadelphia where I earned a masters degree in history at Villanova University. Along the way I was fortunate enough to take time out to pursue two childhood dreams. I always wanted to work with sled dogs, so I spent a year living in Fairbanks, Alaska, helping a world-class musher train his dog team to run the Iditarod. It was a crazy year filled with beautiful northern lights, using an outhouse in sub-zero temperatures, and falling in love with incredible working dogs. Following my year up north, I was able to pursue my other dream of becoming a ballroom dance instructor. I had an absolute ball working in this field filled with music, spray tans, and bedazzled gowns. I did this for three years and competed professionally with my students in regional and national ballroom competitions. My love for the mountains and being close to my family brought me back home to Colorado a few years ago. I am thrilled to finally be teaching and be able to share my enthusiasm for history and adventure with young people.  

Why I Teach

I was always drawn to teaching because my mom is a master teacher and loves going to work every day. As a kid I thought she must enjoy it because she liked being in charge, being the expert, and passing on wisdom. It is only now that I am a teacher that I finally understand why my mom loves her job so much. It is because as a teacher, she gets to spend every day with amazing young people.  Students are energetic, silly, progressive, emotional, highly self-aware, constantly changing, open, sincere, and just plain interesting. 

For me, teaching is less about conveying wisdom and content knowledge and more about guiding, supporting, challenging, and helping students be successful and find their place in the world. A social studies classroom is a perfect place for me to achieve this goal because it is really just a laboratory for students to investigate and question various philosophies, policies, decisions, and historical consequences and ultimately use this information to help shape their own view of themselves and the world. I love teaching at The Early College of Arvada because it is a joy to work with such a passionate and distinguished faculty who are all whole-heartedly committed to the growth and success of our students.