Amy Ward-Bailey

Social Studies Teacher
BA, History, Principia College
MA, Teaching History, Northeastern University

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About Me

I’m a long-time Colorado girl, runner, avid reader, and knitter. Although I always knew I would end up teaching, my road into the classroom had a little detour. After college, I spent three years working as a professional cake decorator. Then, following grad school, I worked two years at Randolph High School outside of Boston where I received thorough training in engaging students, managing a classroom, and developing strong, standards-based curricula. In 2014 my husband and I moved to Boulder, and I started working for The Early College of Arvada teaching middle school social studies. After 4 years of teaching in Room #111, I transitioned to the position of ELL coordinator to bring my organizational, educational, and linguistic talents to where they're highly needed!

Why I Teach

For me studying history has always been like watching an exciting movie: characters rising and falling, epic battles, political intrigue, and mysteries to be solved. My goal in becoming a teacher is to help others see history this way, too.

When I started teaching in Boston, I found that my students often couldn’t care less about US history, it became my battle cry to turn that attitude around. I created lessons and developed projects and curriculum according to the motto if I’m not excited about it, it’s not worth teaching.

Here at ECA, it’s my constant goal to help kids connect to the past in a realistic, personal way and to really feel what happened and why it matters. From Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, and Mesoamerica in 6th grade, to world religions, Rome, and the Middle Ages in 7th grade, our guiding questions remain the same: why should we care about this? and how will this help in my daily life? As an English as a Second Language teacher, this goal is even more critical as I help students develop their language skills along with academic ones.

I love teaching at ECA because trust and a sense of family guide everything we do. It is a powerful feeling to be trusted to plan and guide my students on an individual level based on their interests, needs, and skill-levels. Because this is a teacher-run school, I feel empowered to do whatever I need to do to help the students. At ECA I am a guide, counselor, therapist, sounding board, and mentor, as well as a teacher.