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The Student Success Management system at ECA is designed to help all of our students succeed.  SSM is a report issued to you, the parents, eight times during the year. Each SSM Report takes a detailed picture of how your student is doing in attendance, behavior, and academics.

These reports form the basis for a detailed conversation with each student and their adviser. Advisors are teachers, paired with the child for the duration of that child's tenure at ECA. This relationship is key in identifying where each of our student’s strengths and challenges exist. Advisers are able to help students from the pragmatics of establishing tutoring times to offering concrete advice on managing study habits.

At ECA, we also view each SSM report as an invitation for a deeper conversation between parents and students and parents with teachers. These relationships form the foundation and support for students to be able to question, grow, and succeed.

For each SSM period, students receive points for their standing in attendance, behavior, and academics. Students doing well in all areas are Green Lights and with this demonstrated responsibilities receive, in turn, privileges. Students with minor deficiencies are Yellow Lights. Students with difficulty in several areas are Red Lights.  Yellow and Red Lights are provided extra responsibilities in the effort to receive additional help to succeed.


Student Success Management (SSM) is based on a 100 point scale.

SSM scores will be primarily based on a student’s current grade point average. The student’s current GPA will be multiplied by 25 to arrive at a point total on a 100 point scale.

100 = 4.0 or straight A’s

75 = 3.0 or a B average

50 = 2.0 or a C average

25 = 1.0 or NC1average

<25 = less than a 1.0 or a NC0 average

Students will then have points deducted from their score for things like absences, tardiness, and behavior referrals, and points added to their score for things like attending tutoring or being recognized for excellence.  Their total score will then determine their light status.


  • Behavior referrals ( 5-15 pts depending on severity of violation)
  • Absences – 2 points
  • Tardies – 1 point


  • SSM Tutoring attendance – 1 point per session
  • Lunch study hall attendance – 1 points per session
  • ARETE Buck issued for recognition of excellence – 2 points
  • House competitions – points will vary

Light Status


Score Range

Average GPA Range




3.0 or higher

- Early dismissal at 3:15- Off campus privileges at lunch (High School students only)



2.0 - 2.9

- Expected attendance during SSM tutoring




- Expected attendance during SSM tutoring- Recommended attendance during lunchtime study hall Tues, Wed, Thurs as needed based on academic contract with advisor