Social Justice

Walk into The Early College of Arvada each morning and you can hear our voices pledge allegiance to the American flag with our promise of “liberty and justice for all.”

Continue down ECA’s main hall, with the echo of that charge still ringing, and you will find two words painted on our wall: Question Authority.

Surrounding those two words of sanctioned student graffiti are a series of images: Thomas Paine writing by candlelight. An imprisoned and poised Rosa Parks. An unnamed Chinese student in Tiananmen Square staring down a tank. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.--detained yet defiant.  

The arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice.
— Dr. Martin Luther King

The question mark is the tool for all social and scientific progress. In the spirit of John Dewey, we believe that American public schools are the rich soil from which students grow into engaged citizens and empowered participants in our great project of self-government.

With our roots in the Middle College and Early College movements, The Early College of Arvada proudly serves our historically marginalized populations in the pursuit of “liberty and justice for all.” We model this service in the attitudes, academic study, and articulation of Social Justice in our classrooms and on campus.

But that is not all.

And that is not enough.  

We also take our hands and collectively bend--everyday, as best we can, in our communities near and far--that long moral arc toward a more fair and just society.