Jennifer Smith

Science Teacher
BA, Sociology, University of Colorado
BS, Nursing, Eastern Washington University

About Me


My background is in healthcare. I spent 16 years working in the fields of pediatric oncology and pediatric and neonatal intensive care, specializing in congenital cardiac defects. I earned a CCRN certification and trained to run heart-lung bypass. I spent time in the cardiac cath and interventional radiology labs caring for both adults and children. I also moved to the operating room where I received an intra-operative neuro-monitoring certification (CNIM) and monitored the spinal cord during back and neck surgeries.

Why I Teach

I am completing my 6th year teaching middle school science. I purposely chose middle school, which I find both exciting and challenging. I think that getting kids hooked on science has to happen early. I like it when I have students who think science is hard or boring, and I am able to change their minds and empower them with the gift of inquiry.