Dean of Students

About Me


I have a well-traveled educational background spanning 25 years and a wide range of roles, such as teacher, coach, athletic director, dean, assistant principal, and small school principal. Much of my experience has been diverse, serving an inner city charter academy (KIPP), a rural mountain public school in Nederland, CO (BVSD), and suburban private and parochial school communities from Colorado to California. I am usually called "Coach" because of my extensive athletic adventures, including 14 years of football and 19 years coaching girls' basketball. I also spent four years in the U.S. Marine Corps playing rugby and football at Camp Le Jeune, NC. I try to keep fit swimming and riding my bike. I've also spent 11 years running up and down the basketball court as a referee for the Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA). 

Leslie, my wife of 23 years, also works at a charter school and we have seven children. Our three oldest kids graduated from Pomona, while the four "littles" attend charter school at Woodrow Wilson Academy. My family and school leave little time for hobbies; however, I am always up for a backgammon match should any student, staff, or parent desire to challenge my skills! 

Why I Teach

After four years at Western Kentucky University and another three years in seminary, I was eager to fulfill my dream of teaching and coaching. Seeing kids learn, grow, and chase their own dreams is very fulfilling. Being a small part of that process brings me great joy. I enjoy all aspects of school culture and feel excited to be a part of Early College of Arvada. What we do here every day impacts our students' future towards college and gives them choices and new horizons on their voyage through life.