Art Teacher
BA, Art Education, Springfield College
BS, Art Therapy, Springfield College
M.Ed, Teaching and Curriculum, Focus in Special Education, Fitchburg State University

About Me


While growing up on the seashores of New Jerset, I showed great promise as a budding finger painter and have been completely impassioned ever since. I have traveled to six continents and lived on four, am an avid yogi, vegetarian chef, glass blower, painter, and novice rock climber. I am a recent transplant to Colorado via Ecuador and have been exploring the landscape and identifying the native birds and plants.

Why I Teach

I believe art to be a universal language and having the opportunity to facilitate that conversation is one of my greatest joys. I teach because I want students to understand art as a communication tool, as a vehicle for self-expression, as a bridge to deeper thinking and understanding, and as a way to communicate with the world around them. Art builds hope, self-confidence, resiliency, and teaches 21st century life and work skills. Every student is entitled to these things. I teach because art builds community in and out of the classroom and because visual and artistic language is an essential tool in an ever-changing world.