The Early College of Arvada Board of Directors
Public Comment Request Form

TIME ALLOCATION: A maximum of 15 minutes will be set aside during each meeting for public comment. Public comment must be made by a person who would like to comment on an agenda item on that meeting’s agenda. Each speaker will be permitted not fewer than 2 minutes and not more than 5 minutes for comment.

DEADLINE: Members of the public who wish to comment on agenda items must submit this form at least five days in advance of the board meeting on which item they would like to comment and be present at the beginning of the board meeting. The Chair will notify each requester not later than three days before the board meeting whether he or she will be scheduled for public comment at that meeting. Persons who cannot be scheduled to comment at the requested meeting because of time limitations must resubmit their request if they wish to comment at a subsequent meeting.

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Meeting Date to Make Comment
Meetings are held the fourth business Tuesday of each month from 6–7pm. Please see our ECA calendar.
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Subject Matter
Public comment at board meetings is limited to items that appear on the agenda for the particular board meeting at the commencement of the meeting. The public comment period may not be used for addressing grievances of individual students or employees, personal attacks, or commercial endorsements. The public comment period also may not be used by a party in negotiation or litigation with ECA to address matters related to the negotiation or litigation. Only those requests conforming to subject matter requirements will be approved.
[Necessary revisions to the published board meeting agenda may result in the addition or deletion of items prior to the commencement of the meeting.] The request needs to state the purpose of the presentation and a brief summary of the requested board action. In order to make a public comment, the agenda item must be referenced.