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The Early College of Arvada is able to open its doors each day because of the tireless commitment of individuals and families who understand the value of an education. The gifts are vast and take many forms. Over the years, we have received donations of technology and textbooks, individuals volunteering a wide swath of a Saturday afternoon for a school-cleanup, or in the gestures of helping an ECA classroom or chaperoning a field trip. We are grateful beyond measure for the families and individuals who make our school possible.

This year, ECA is proud to announce Project 300. Our goal, in conjunction with the ECA Foundation, is put in the hands of each of our student a Google Chromebook. This is a big goal, but it is not larger than our faith in ECA’s students and their stories. Because our current lease agreement, ECA is faced with a budgetary reality wherein less than 8% of our total budget allows for textbooks and technology. Our efforts are tireless to alleviate this financial burden. We are seeking to charge of our tomorrow. Project 300 represents for our school the opportunity to empower our students, our school, and ensure the future our institution for generations to come.

ECA Foundation

The Early College of Arvada Foundation was formed in November 2013 as a Colorado non-profit corporation, and received approval from the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) in June, 2014.

The sole purpose of the Foundation is to support the mission of Early College of Arvada which is to provide students with a path to success in higher education and in society by creating an individualized, supportive, and engaging environment for students, parents and staff. ECA, as part of the Early College movement, seeks to provide rigorous academic standards met with constant compassionate guidance to historically marginalized and underserved populations

The ECA Foundation does this through fund raising activities purposed to meet the institutional needs of the school, resources for education, and real property for which state tax revenues are not readily available.

It is the goal of the Foundation to enhance the educational experience at the Early College of Arvada, so each and every student is empowered in their quest to become the person they are.


As a charter school, we operate on 10% less money per student than regular public schools.  Please review the wishlist from teachers of our school for things that would enhance the quality of education in their classroom.  Many are pretty simple.  Please take a look and see if you can help!