Dr Greg Nusz

Dean of Academics and Math/Science Teacher
BS, Physics, North Carolina State University
BS, Mathematics, North Carolina State University
PhD, Biomedical Engineering, Duke University


About Me

When I graduated high school, I wanted to be a high school math teacher. As I ventured through university, I found that it was the problem-solving aspect of math that drew me most strongly. That pull was redirected as I explored physics, a field that engaged me in that it is truly the pursuit of figuring out how the universe works. Thus, my dreams of being an educator were temporarily put on hold as I realized I had a lot more time to spend on the other side of the classroom. After graduating from NC State, I considered my options and hoped to pursue a career in research, attempting to use what we know about how the universe works to build things to help people. Fast forward through seven incredible years in Biomedical Engineering at Duke, and I come to learn that while yes, I do enjoy research and building, my true passion lies in helping others learn their own best route through problem solving.

Why I Teach

I have always known that my favorite place to be is in the classroom. It is a place of learning and reflection–a place of bare honesty and compassion. There are very few places where it is safe, even expected, to openly admit one’s ignorance. In the classroom we examine that ignorance and realize that even as we fill the vessel with knowledge we are also inadvertently and beautifully reshaping the vessel itself. We learn that the only means of changing ourselves and the world around us begins with understanding ourselves, our minds, and our passions. I teach because it is my hope to help as many students as possible learn themselves and learn their own passions. It’s the hardest job I’ve ever had, but somehow it’s the one that’s easiest to get up for in the morning.