Spring Musical Approaches: Sleepy Hollow

Photo Credit: Keith Graham Photography

The students and staff of The Early College of Arvada have been working tirelessly to produce their spring musical, Sleepy Hollow, produced by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama, showing April 8th and 9th, 2016. This reimagining of the Washington Irving classic is sure to get your toes tapping and have you on the edge of your seat. The music is catchy and quirky with nods to classic American music compositions, the characters are dynamic and full of life, and the sets are craftily engineered to take you away to the town of Sleepy Hollow.

This show is the largest ever for ECA. Our first official production was an arrangement of Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Mikado. Mrs Graham built the set in her dining room out of paper and household items, students and parents made their costumes, and the show premiered for one night only in the cafeteria. We’ve come a long way in only three years. We are quickly building a tradition of excellence in music and theater. This year’s production will be at the Simpson’s United Methodist church, featuring an eight-piece pit orchestra conducted by the director Kelly Bidstrup Graham, a full stage crew with students dedicated to sound, stage management, set design, and directing, and a large cast of nearly twenty students. This is truly a joint project between staff and students, mimicking, in many ways, local community theater, where everyone does everything and everyone has a hand in making the show spectacular. 

This show has one of the largest casts we’ve produced, and our leads are some of the strongest performers in the student body. Katrina, the lovely Dutch belle, is played by Amber Hall. She’s a junior this year and started at ECA in 6th grade. She is a student leader in several organizations throughout the school, and in addition to being our leading lady, she’s the student producer! Ichabod Crane, the quirky school master, is played by Xander Bradeen, a senior this year who also started at ECA in 6th grade. He is a passionate performer and talented actor who is bringing a fresh look to this classic character. Our villains, Brom Bones and Yost, are played by Zachary Ellison and Logan Seabolt. Zachary, a senior, has been acting since early adolescence. His instincts and talent for theater are years beyond most students his age, and his professionalism for the art is unparalleled. Logan, a junior, is a Jack of all trades, a talented and experienced stage crew member as well as dynamic actor on stage, having done two shows with ECA and several productions with Westminster High School. Of course these are only a few of the amazing students who will be gracing the stage in April. This show is filled with the most talented students ECA has to offer and will be an incredible production at a level far beyond what most small charter schools are capable of producing. The reason? Creative staff like the director, Mrs Kelly Graham, and artistic director, Dr Liz Owen, dedicated parents, and supportive administration, not to mention amazing students who give 110%.

The community of ECA hopes you will come and enjoy this show. Theater is one of the greatest joys in life, and nothing compares to seeing a show live. The energy, the enthusiasm, and the magic that can be created on a wooden platform is truly special and unlike anything else. See you there.