Senior Year

Everyday it hits me that I’m a senior. It’s such a weird thing knowing that in just a couple of months I’ll be graduating. I’ve spent the past four years dreaming about graduating, and now the day is so close. There are only a few short months left to enjoy high school.

The last three years of high school went by in a blink of an eye and so has the past couple months. Just like my freshman year, I wanted to make this school year “the best year ever.” There are a lot of memorable moments that I’ve had in the previous years, like navigating my way around the school, but the one new thing I had to navigate was college applications. While I was trying to make the best out of my first semester as a senior, I was having anxiety about the whole college admission process. 

Since I was an underclassman I would always hear the seniors talking about the places and the people they will miss once they move. I knew at some point this was something I would never avoid because in the fall I’ll be leaving home. In five months I will probably be in New York, Hawaii, California, or Arizona. I’m excited to leave Colorado and start a new adventure once I start college, but I’m also terrified. I get caught up in nostalgia as the end of high schools begins to set in. I know that it will be such an emotional year as I begin to prepare for college and it will get even more sentimental when I have to say goodbye to my school, family, friends, and my pets. 

So far, I’ve made great memories. I’ve stressed over college applications and exams, and I am now stressing over graduation. As a senior, I felt that I was required to grow up in a short amount of time. As seniors, we are supposed to be focused and prepared for the unexpected and resolve any challenges that we may face. At the end, I know that with the support of my parents, friends, and teachers, I know that I’ll make it through the end of the year and be ready to tackle the next chapter of my life. 

Yasmeen Gomez, Senior, Class of 2016