Misha White

Misha White is an unstoppable natural force for Good. Before she was a Dean’s List student in Nonprofit Leadership and Management at Arizona State University, before she was President and Founder of Critical Connections, a student leadership group, Misha White was a student at The Early College of Arvada. And we knew her as Misha. We knew her as “Mish-Mash.”

Though the classes at ECA were rigorous and prepared me for college, the people prepared me for a lifetime of reflection and drive to always become better.
— Misha White

At ECA, Misha spearheaded the blue jean drive for the homeless, the recycling club, and was a tireless advocate for Denver’s Homeless as a writer with The Denver Voice. Misha also served as ECA’s Community Events Coordinator.

But that wasn’t all.

Misha also led ECA’s first Diversity Day. Misha led ECA’s Jean Drive. And the Food Drive. And the Sleeping Bag Drive. And when she wasn’t providing community leadership, Misha won the Daniels Fund Winner, Greenhouse Scholar, and was the Class of 2014 ECA Salutatorian.

The leadership skills Misha built at ECA have sparked and spurred her path forward. Currently, Misha serves as an Arizona Scholar Ambassador for the Daniels Fund, hosting incoming Daniels Scholars and providing mentorship for incoming college students.

This past summer Misha ran as part of ECA’s Colfax Fundraising Team and interned at The Denver Foundation providing her an eye-opening, hands-on experience in the foundation’s best practices and culture.

The Early College of Arvada provided me the first opportunity to explore who I am and what I can contribute to the world. When I walked into ECA I stopped being student Misha I started being Misha, who fights for what she wants, searches for purpose, and has growing capacities for love and empathy.
— Misha White

Unstoppable Natural Forces for Good know no rest. Our world needs more “good” and more leaders like Misha. And we are proud that no matter where she leads, Misha can always call ECA home.