Art – Music – Drama at ECA

The hallways are buzzing with excitement and creativity at The Early College of Arvada. Middle School students in Dr Owen’s Visual Arts classes explored the arts of antiquity and created new, modern versions of prehistoric cave paintings. After careful study of Egyptian art in their current project, each student became the “Pharaoh” and designed a biographical wall with hieroglyphics and symbolic language.
Art across the disciplines recently moved from within the math, English, history, and science classrooms into the hallways of ECA. These colorful creations inspire us as we travel from class to class. Moreover they remind us of the importance of the Arts – Music, Drama, Fine Arts, and Art History – as a discipline within a liberal arts curriculum.
Students in music, drama, and art continue to prepare for the spring musical, Sleepy Hollow, with performances on April 8th and 9th, 2016. While Mrs Bidstrup-Graham manages all aspects of the performance, each actor responds to her inspiration with concentrated effort. In addition, actors are assembling costumes and props as they whole-heartedly participate in rehearsals. Meanwhile, Dr Owen’s high school visual arts students are designing and creating stage set pieces. After careful analysis of the script and purchases with a modest budget, students with a limited art background are working alongside more advanced students to literally set the stage and foster an atmosphere of magic and transformation during the public performances.