ECA Teams for The 2016 Colfax Marathon

 The 2015 ECA Team for the Colfax Marathon

The 2015 ECA Team for the Colfax Marathon

ECA is proud to announce our official ECA running teams for The 2016 Colfax Marathon


Our students and faculty go the extra mile every day. This year we are taking that energy to the streets of Denver on May 15, 2016. We are running to raise $10,000 to build a STEM lab at ECA. 

In the coming weeks, we will provide more information on the race and our fundraising efforts. For now, when you have a moment, please thank these students who have decided to go farther and further. 

If you would like to support our efforts, by sponsoring one of these student runners in the form of their race registration, please contact CLIMB Director Dr Danielle Ladd.

Colfax 2016



Gregory Nusz (Professor of Science) 
Gabi Cain (Grade 10) 
Karly Haggerty (Grade 12) 
Leo Martinez (Grade 10)
Joe Ning (Grade 10)  


Stephani Seretti (Communications Professor) 
Jon Grogan (Grade 10) 
Dulce Garcia (Grade 10) 
Zachary Warren (Grade 10)
Veronika Rivera (Grade 11) 


Erica Gross (Teacher) 
Izak Luna (Grade 11) 
Jeremiah Saqweed (Grade 10)
Peter Nguyen (Grade 9)
Faith Koltak (Finance Director)


Mat Winter (Science Teacher) 
Daisy Gomez (Grade 11) 
Tyler Gaskin (Grade 9) 
Kuhn Ning (Grade 11)
Andrea Convarrubias Perez (Grade 10)

26.2 MILES

Amy Ward-Bailey (Social Studies Teacher) 
Jeremy Collins (Dean of Humanities) 
Zachary Ellison (Grade 12) 

13.1 MILES

Eric Covington (Director)
Frankie Donez (Grade 12) 
Danielle Ladd (Chem Prof, CLIMB Director)
Kelly Bidstrup (Music Teacher)
Jenn Smith (Science Teacher)
Cassandra Porter (Grade 12)
Katie Gonzalez (Language Arts Teacher)
Kyle Weishaar (Grade 12)
Alexia Gaskin (Grade 11) 
Cleo Burton (Grade 10) 
Angel Hernandez (Grade 12)
Tyler Russell (Grade 11) 

We run to build upon strengths and experiences from the past, helping us achieve new heights in the future.
— Danielle Ladd, PhD, Chemistry Professor and CLIMB Director

Photos from Colfax 2015