Timber Griffin Theater Company is Born!

Something really special is happening in our community. The theater departments of Early College of Arvada and the Pinnacle Charter School have joined forces to better serve our community. Blending two short, but rich histories, they merge their stories on October 28,29 & 30th with their first production together, Sherlock Holmes. The students of both schools are so excited to share this show with you.

Last spring when ECA Director Kelly Bidstrup Graham and PCS Director Zachary Vaughn concocted this crazy plan, they worried about all the things that come with big changes. They chose to join forces because PCS has the facility, the resources, and a wonderful internship with Wonderbound, and ECA has the students, classes, and culture. They had no idea how incredibly well the two groups of students would mesh and how beautifully each program's strengths and weaknesses would compliment each other. Going by the name, TimberGriffin Theater Co., both directors and the students are looking forward to a bright future together for many years to come.

This fall production stars Logan Seabolt, a senior at ECA. He plays Sherlock Holmes, blending elements from all those who have played the part before him, he is virtually Sherlock in the flesh, having extensively researched and worked to perfect his role. Opposite Logan is a PCS student Dylan Carter, playing Watson. Dylan has embraced the character with all his heart, the not-quite-as-brilliant as Holmes, loveable and under appreciated sidekick. Dylan and Logan's chemistry is electric. From day one these two have been quite the pair. Watching them solve the case will be a delight to all audiences.

This excellent cast is filled with both rookies and old pros to both theater departments, some names patrons may recognize include; Amber Hall (leading lady, Katrina in Sleepy Hollow Spring 2016) playing nefarious suffragette leader Mrs. Bassick, Brenda Negrete (leading lady Betty in Betty's Inferno spring 2015) playing the damsel in distress Ms. Alice Faulkner, Daniel Urban (Thisbe and Flute in Midsummer Nights Dream spring 2016) playing the wife and criminal co-conspirator Mrs. Madge Larabee, Jaidyn Roquemore, (Ms. Green, Mad Breakfast fall 2015) playing the quirky Irish safecracker Sid Prince, and Sergio Luna Gonzalez (Oberon in Midsummer Night's Dream spring 2016) playing the criminal mastermind, Professor Moriarty.

Whether you've never heard of ECA or PCS or you're a true fan, you will enjoy this fall production, made with love and care. Come experience history in the making as we premiere the very first joint production of the TimberGriffin Theater Company. See you there! Call 720-473-4400 to reserve your tickets today.