New Teachers For Us

The Early College of Arvada is proud to welcome our newest faculty.

As a girl descending the white marble steps of the Cleveland Museum of Art, exiting the Eight Dynasties of Chinese Painting, Liz Owen was full of wonder. Following that thread of wonder to Yale University and museums across the globe, Dr Owen now invites ECA students to see and make the world anew.

Wonder and curiosity led Caroline Fink from Hofstra University to Kitakyushu, Japan, to teach in the land of Mount Sarakura. Ms Fink, whose childhood dream was being a teacher, lives her dream daily as a Math teacher at ECA, helping our students discover new horizons.

While our new teachers have discovered new worlds, they also know how to build worlds for students.  

In the world’s capital, Ms Lauren Hick taught for Teach for America at Frederick Douglas Academy V in New York City. She also obtained a Masters Degree from NYU in Public Policy. As a recipient of an Urban Leaders Fellowship, Ms Hick worked as an Education Policy Analyst in the Colorado State Senate. With a dynamic perspective, Ms Hick provides ECA social studies students a global perspective.

A history and English professor, Dr Elsie Bell moves between worlds. As part of her PhD at Duke University, Dr Bell studied at the historic Black Panther Oakland Community School and the American Indian Movement’s Heart of the Earth Survival School. With expertise in educational models of empowerment and equality, Dr Bell is building brighter tomorrows every day for ECA students.  

The Early College of Arvada is a global campus. Each of our students and teachers bring with them entire worlds of wisdom. These inspiring new faculty have already found and made a home at ECA. We are so glad they did. Please join us in welcoming them.