ECA Newcomers Bridge Culture and Language

For some ECA students, ECA is their gateway to a new country, a new culture, and a new life.

Students in ECA’s  newcomer program have to balance the challenge of ECA’s academic rigor with that of learning a brand new language and adapting to a new culture. The cognitive challenge of learning a new language while simultaneously learning complex academic material is mentally exhausting. Coupled with complexity of navigating in a new culture and often the pain of separation from family, friends, and home, each day is an act of courage and determination.

The joy and passion with which they do this is a great inspiration to their teachers and other students. 

I have so much respect for what these kids do every day. Their stories are truly inspirational. They have left so much behind yet they have such big dreams for their new lives in this country. They put so much effort and determination into making the American dream a reality. It serves as a daily affirmation for those us who love the things that make this country great.
— Ryan Conrad, Dean of Student Services, including ECA's English Language Learners program