Precious Tanae Wilson

For Tanae Wilson, ECA is a family experience. Sometimes literally. Her grandmother Paula Kendal was part of ECA’s founding, her uncle Richard serves as ECA’s custodian, and Tanae has middle school and high school cousins at ECA. She doesn’t have to look far to see a familiar face.   

Traveling far though is just what Tanae has in mind for college. Recently, Tanae received admission to University of Memphis, her dream school. The catch?

It is 1,097 miles from the campus of ECA.

But Tanae is undaunted by the distance.

ECA taught me not to be afraid of change. It showed me how change leads to growth.
— Tanae Wilson

It was on a family trip to Memphis last summer with her Grandma Ruby and Aunt Vickie when Tanae saw a place unlike metro Denver. She attended several music festivals and visited Graceland. “Elvis’ home was very cool and … well, a little creepy.”

During her trip, Tanae also spent an entire day on campus, which included touring Memphis’ campus and class visits. There she witnessed professors and teaching assistants helping students beyond the classroom. “That more than anything reminded me of home and ECA.”  

Tanae knows she will be in the service of something bigger than herself.

“I want to help people. For a long time, I thought I would go into criminal justice, but now I want to do nursing. And Memphis has a really strong nursing program.”

On her own science experience at ECA, Tanae points to her experience in Dr Nusz’s biology class as foundational. “Dr Nusz is not afraid to say something directly. He is very clear. He sugar coats nothing and gets right to the point. This enhances understanding, especially in the sciences.”

For many years, Tennessee used as its motto for tourism: “The Stage is Set for You!” The stage is set for Tanae Wilson. She built it. And we at The Early College of Arvada couldn’t be more proud.