Not Too Young To Think About Career Paths

This semester at ECA the 7th grade has embarked on a project journey that kids and staff are excited about. All 7th graders got to choose a path based on skills used in a variety of careers they may be interested in in the future. These skills based paths are diagnostics and problem solving, construction and engineering, create (all the arts), planning and logistics, and marketing and sales.

In each of these paths, students will be doing projects that practice various skills necessary in school and the workplace, everything from calling and interviewing a business to solving a copy room crisis to analyzing art for its impact socially. At the end of the semester each path of students, in groups, will complete a larger project that solves a social or practical issue within our school.

This project is a tangible, real world experience that teaches every student a variety of skills and their applications in ways that matter to them. So far this project has been well received by our 7th graders, and they are engaged and producing work that shows forward thinking.

Advising is a special part in our day where students get to tie together everything from all their other classes. Yes, sure, we go over their grades and assign them to tutoring, and all those necessary things, but we also get to use that class period to do some really, extra cool things that there just isn't time or a place to do in other classes.

Kelly Bidstrup
Music & Theater Teacher