Finding History in Film

This semester, I have asked students in CU Succeed courses to think with me about the use of film in education. 

Students have pointed out that documentaries and historical dramas can make history come alive in a way that books cannot. We feel connected to the characters in Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, and only then can we feel history as something that happened to people, as something that happens to us. 

It makes me sad because I have Native American in my blood, too. My grandfather looked, spoke, and was just as stubborn as Sitting Bull.
— LaRissa Rennaker, 11th grader

Later in the week, students in US History asked if we could spend every Friday class discussing connections between history and current events. I think it’s a great idea! Films bring history to us, and now we will make an effort to find the history that is still present in our lives after the movie ends. 

Dr Elsie Bell
CU Succeed English and history teacher