Eglen Galindo, an Alumnus

Eglen Galindo is busy.

Waking at 5:45 each morning, leaving the quiet Casa Zapata Dormitory, Eglen hops on his black road bike and pedals across the silent campus of Stanford University. At the rec center, he lifts weights, runs, and sweats. After a quick bite at the Stern Dining Hall, he bikes back for the day’s work to begin in earnest.

First is Econ One where Eglen studies market equilibrium and supply shock. After econ, he rushes to Writing and Rhetoric 1: The Rhetoric of Archaeology where he studies how the present often shapes the past. Finally, Eglen sprints over to Bishop Auditorium for CME 100: Vector Calculus for Engineers.

Homework runs into dinner with friends and classmates from around the world. They compare notes. Notes upon notes. And they smile through the struggle. “We’re enjoying the process,” Eglen says.

After dinner, it’s more homework. Homework until bed. And then sleep. And then the day begins again.  

ECA prepared me to expect fast paced classes and to complete long hours of productive homework. ECA also taught me to manage my time properly, to start early, and to always ask questions. And I learned too how to approach people around me who have different skills.
— Eglen Galindo

Sometimes on those bike rides across campus, before sunrise, Eglen will slow, glance to his left, and spot the 285 foot Hoover Tower–standing bright and tall above the palms–before daybreak.