Big Time Peloponnesian War in Middle School

Today was a big one for 6th
As they played a game not to be missed!
As Athens and Sparta
They found it was hard-a
To make treaties hand over fist.

First city-state groups they assumed
Sparta, Corinth, and Thasos to name a few
Then working together
they read much better
And enemies and allies they did choose.

Then loud negotiations began!
As diplomats roamed 'bout the land.
“Be friends with us!”
“No it’s us you can trust!”
They made treaties by shaking their hands.

When all was well-settled and done,
They decided diplomacy’s not always fun!
Communication’s a struggle
and conflicting treaties made trouble
It was hard to decide who had won!

But history proved to be our guide,
Looking back students got what they tried!
Athens, Sparta, and more
Made the Peloponnesian War
Now we know why they fought and allied!