Karly Haggerty

 Karly Haggerty hiking in Reykjavik, Iceland

Karly Haggerty hiking in Reykjavik, Iceland

Karly Haggerty is on a mission. Several missions.

Karly runs three times a week, training for the Colfax Marathon Relay Team and ECA’s fundraiser in May. Karly serves as a TA in Academic Writing and as poetry editor for the ECA literary magazine Construo. This summer, as part of her ECA Ambassador service project, Karly volunteered and worked with Denver Food Rescue. As an ECA Ambassador, Karly tutors twice a week in the ECA-Tennyson Knolls Tutoring Program.

Karly’s excellence is getting attention.

Over the holidays, Karly received admissions to two prestigious liberal arts colleges in the American midwest: Earlham College, in Richmond, Indiana, and Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois. Both institutions offered Karly over $35,000 in scholarships. Karly has also set her sights locally, applying to CU-Boulder for fall admission.

Her education at ECA, which began in the ninth grade, has proven vital for Karly.

At ECA, I have learned how to take responsibility for my ambitions. I am grateful to be held accountable on every scale because that is part of growing into the person I want to be.
— Karly Haggerty

We are grateful for Karly and to be a part of her journey, which, of course, has just begun. Congratulations, Karly!