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Michael’s of Denver Catering is pleased to be the hot lunch service provider for Early College of Arvada students during the 2014-2015 school year.

Michael’s of Denver Catering has provided hot school lunches to students at independent schools throughout the Denver Metro community for 18 years.

Orders may be placed hereat the Micahel's of Denver Catering website:


Hot Lunch Order Policies for Parents

To ensure that correct quantity of food is prepared for school lunch the following policies apply:

Advance ordering: Orders must be placed a minimum of 2 days in advance. There are no same day meal orders taken.

Order changes: If you have placed an order for a student and know 48 hours in advance that your student will miss that meal you can move the order to another day. Sign into your account, click order, select your student. On the calendar click on the meal you want to remove, on the left side of the screen a Credit Purchase button will appear. Click on credit purchase. You can use credit for future purchases

Emergency lunches: A few additional lunches are provided to the school in case a student drops or otherwise needs a replacement lunch. Emergency lunches are for students who purchased a lunch for that particular day and an accident occurs. They are not for students that forgot to order.

Absence Days: If your student will be out of school and you have 48 hours notice, you can change the order using the above instructions (see Order changes).

Snow Days: If your school declares a snow day a refund will not be given. Closures for more than one day will be considered on an individual basis and you will be notified. Although we understand that Sick Days and Snow Days are unexpected we cannot refund these meals because the food is purchased and prepared in advance.