The Early College of Arvada is led by an Executive Director and a leadership team of five administrators. Our leadership team is made up of the Principal, the Director of Finance and Operations, the Director of Student Success, the Director of Student Safety, Culture, and Character, and the Manager of School and Student Data Analytics. Our leadership structure is also supported by our department heads and our staff leadership committees. Our model of distributed leadership empowers educators to collaborate in guiding our school in the fullfillment of its mission. 



ECA’s leadership is responsible for the strategic vision for our school.

Our leadership team fosters collaboration and manages policy and practices affecting academic, financial, and physical resources and the overall well-being and academic life of The Early College of Arvada.

For transparency, here is a copy of our Charter School Contract.

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.
— John Quincy Adams


ECA is organized under rules set by the Charter School Institute of Colorado. We have a board of directors consisting of a board president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, and three other community or parent members. 

The Early College of Arvada Board of Directors is a group of committed community leaders who support our mission of launching students on a direct path to higher education and to prepare them to thrive in our global community. Comprised of parents and community and business leaders, our board helps us maintain accountability to our students, their families, and our community by holding public meetings to review school progress. Current board members are:

Steve Burton, President

Brenda Snyder, Vice President

TO Owens, Treasurer

Kelly Hupfeld, Secretary

Absolom Herrera

Anthony Fontana

Steve Berg

Elizabeth Hubbell

public board Meetings

ECA board of directors meets on the second business Wednesday of every month from 6:00-7:00 pm. Meetings are held at our office at 4905 West 60th Avenue, Arvada, Colorado, 80003. Notices of meetings are posted on our school calendar.

Parents, students, staff, and the public are welcome and encouraged to attend board meetings to learn more about the governance of our school. Board meetings are open, except in cases when the board must enter executive, closed door session to discuss a personnel matter, legal issue, or receive the advice of counsel.

Here is a transcription of a brainstorming meeting we had with parents, teachers, students and board members: Board Meeting Notes

Public Comment at board meetings

If you wish to address the board, please complete the Public Comment Request Form at least five days before a board meeting. The Board President will notify each requester no later than three days before the meeting whether he or she will be scheduled for public comment at that meeting. Persons who cannot be scheduled to comment at the requested meeting because of time limitations must resubmit their request if they wish to comment at a subsequent board meeting.

The ECA board president will introduce visitors without comment or discussion at the start of each meeting and set aside a maximum of 15 minutes for public comment at each board meeting. Each commenter is allowed no less than two minutes and no more than five minutes to comment.

Other Advisory Bodies

In addition to our leadership team and board of directors, ECA is fortunate to have an active and committed student council and Parent Teacher Community Organization (PTCO).

These groups provide advice and counsel to our leadership team on a range of topics concerning ECA life.