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Katy Warrick

Board Member


Katy Warrick has been a middle school history teacher at ECA for the past 3 years. Before that she had a variety of jobs including being a banker in Denver, a ballroom dance instructor in Philadelphia, and working with a world-class musher in Alaska helping to train his dog team to run the Iditarod. She holds a BA in History from Principia College, an MA in History from Villanova University, and a Teaching License from University of Colorado Denver. She is currently taking some time off from teaching to stay at home and care for her toddler and newborn baby.

Katy joined the Board this summer because she cares deeply about the mission of this school as well as the staff and students who are here.  While taking time off from teaching to care for her family, she wanted to join the Board so that she can continue to support the mission and growth of this organization.  She has always loved the inclusive nature of ECA, and the school’s commitment to teaching all students no matter what language they speak, what income level their family is at, or what type of education they have had in the past. It is so exciting to help students of all backgrounds achieve success and self-assurance, and start earning college credits before they leave high school.

In her free time Katy likes to hike, paddleboard, cook, travel, and take dance classes. She loves spending time with her husband and children and having big dinners with extended family.