Faith Koltak

Dean of Finance and Operations
BS, Business and Accounting, University of Phoenix
MS, Accountancy, University of Phoenix
MBA, University of Phoenix

About Me


Though I grew up in Ohio and spent several years in North Carolina, I’ve never felt as at home as I have since moving to Colorado in 2002. Outside of school, you’ll find me spending as much time as possible with my favorite musician (my husband); running, hiking, or snowshoeing with friends; exploring the trails and open space behind and near our Arvada home with woman’s best friend, Delilah; playing fetch with Ripley, the cat; gardening; cooking; or traveling.

Inside of the school, you’ll find me tucked away in my spa-like office, working on all things related to finances, human resources, purchasing, operations, and facilities.

My single greatest accomplishment in life is a happy, healthy, vibrant adult daughter who is successfully navigating the waters of her own life. Trust me – when she was a teenager, this was in serious question!

Why I Work in Education

Education has always been important to me. I was the kindergartener who used to make her second grade brother teach her everything he’d learned in school that day. While most girls my age were playing with Barbie dolls and going to the skating rink, I was reading, working through math workbooks for fun, or entertaining myself with word searches and logic puzzles. With a BS, an MBA, and an MSA under my belt, and two more undergraduate degrees in the works - just for fun - I expected to be a perpetual student. (It may still happen.) And then I happened across a job opening at ECA...

I’d spent my professional life climbing an invisible ladder at several companies in several different industries. The higher I climbed, the more I felt that something was lacking. There was no fulfillment, no sense of satisfaction. In the grand scheme of things, there was little meaning to the work I’d been doing. Working in education, particularly in this educational environment, gives me that sense of fulfillment. Nothing I’ve done in my professional life could begin to compare to any contribution I might make toward shaping the future of the students who walk through our doors.