A Free Public Charter School in Arvada, Colorado


Our mission is to provide students in grades 6–12 a direct path to higher education and to prepare them to thrive in our global community. Founded in 2008, ECA offers an expansive worldview and a commitment to academic excellence.

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At ECA, social, emotional, and academic growth are valued equally. We encourage students to see possibilities, make meaningful choices, take risks, and emerge with a strong sense of identity, belonging, and purpose. Our professional, compassionate faculty nurture critical thought, creativity, and independence. With an emphasis on cultural awareness and appreciation of differences, our purpose is to develop capable, globally minded citizens who are dedicated to making positive contributions to society.


middle school
wonder • maravilla

Smaller class sizes allow students access to engaging teachers determined to make each subject come to life. Our teachers abide by the philosophy of the artist Marc Chagall in “keeping awake the sense of wonder” for our students.


work • trabajo

We provide the instructional framework necessary for students to translate wonder into deeper practice. Wonder and curiosity meet consistent, hard work. Thomas Edison said, “There is no substitute for hard work.”


wisdom • sabiduría

Wonder and hard work lead to acquired wisdom. We partner with the University of Colorado-Denver to provide free college courses to juniors and seniors. Each UC-Denver course maintains ECA’s commitment to small and engaged class sizes.