Katie Gonzalez

Department Chair, English
English Teacher
Library Coordinator
BS, Elementary Education with a Specialization in Reading
Purdue University

About Me


My name is Katie Gonzalez, but here at ECA I am known as Ms Katie. I am originally from Michigan but spent most of my life in Indiana. The day after college graduation I packed my bags and moved to Colorado. A year later I took in my dog Tux.

One month after moving to Colorado I was hired as the receptionist for The Early College of Arvada. That was in 2012 and since then I have been teaching for 4 years at ECA and have learned so much. Teaching takes tremendous effort and determination, but our staff and students make things much easier.

Why I Teach

My entire life, I have always been great with kids, and I very quickly had my heart set on working in education. I’m from a family of teachers, administrators, and counselors.

The students are the reason I teach. I enjoy making them smile when they are having an off day. I enjoy being with them when they begin to understand, and most of all I enjoy being their teacher.