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At ECA, you will learn how to work, how to manage your time, and form true and lasting friendships.
— Will Boshell, Class of 2014 Co-Valedictorian, University of Colorado-Boulder, Engineering Honors Program

Enrolling is easy, and students from any school district may enroll at no cost. Start with this form. We’ll take it from there. 




Please complete the application below. If you need assistance, you may come into our office to use one of our computers. We are happy to help.



We will contact you to schedule a time for your student to spend a day with us. Your student will be paired with one of our current students for the day, attend classes, and interact with teachers. This is the best way for prospective students to experience ECA culture.



At the end of the shadow day, we will send you registration requirements, most of which can be completed online. Again, if you do not have a computer at home, you may use one of ours, and we are happy to help you.


The Early College of Arvada Enrollment Application

There are some short essay questions for the student on this form.

ECA is a public charter school, and as such we welcome everyone regardless of ability or circumstances. This is not an entrance test. Your answers to the questions below are meant to introduce you to us and our culture and to encourage you to start your journey with us as a scholar and a seeker.

If you feel nervous to answer the questions by yourself, then please come into our school with your family. We will get to know one another and work on the questions together. No big deal!

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Student Writing Section
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By typing my name and date below, I certify that all information is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and that submitting this form constitutes a binding commitment to enroll at The Early College of Arvada. I understand that if all available spaces are filled, my name will be place into a lottery for admission.
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