UCD College Calculus 1

Topics covered include limits, derivatives, applications of derivatives, and the definite integral. Note: No co-credit with MATH 1080. Note: : To be able to register for this course, students must first be entered into the MATH 1401 Student Group. To be eligible, students must demonstrate that they have mathematical knowledge equivalent to MATH 1120 or MATH 1130. Students can demonstrate this proficiency 1) by having an SAT score of 620 or an ACT score of 27, taken within the last three years, or 2) by having completed and transferred in a course that is the exact equivalent of MATH 1401 at a different institution, or 3) by earning a score of 70% or higher on the prerequisite exam administered through the MERC lab. 

UCD College Trigonometry

Topics in trigonometry, analytic geometry, and elementary functions designed for students who intend to take the calculus sequence. Angles and trigonometry functions of acute angles, analytic trigonometry, fundamental trigonometric functions and identities including hyperbolic trigonometry, parametric equations, and polar coordinate system. Graphic calculators and/or computer algebra systems are used extensively. Applications are emphasized.

UCD College Algebra

Topics in algebra designed for students who intend to take the calculus sequence. Functions, domains, ranges, graphs, data scatter plots and curve fitting, solving equations and systems of equations, polynomial, rational, exponential and logarithmic functions and other topics. Applications are emphasized. Note: Students may not receive credit for this course if they have already received credit for MATH 1070 or MATH 1130. Note: 24 on ACT-Math, 560 on SAT-Math or above average performance in intermediate algebra, algebraic literacy or integrated math are strongly recommended as preparation for this course.