Susan Davis

Middle School Counselor, Taekwando Instructor
BA, Psychology, Metro State College of Denver
MS, School/Community Counseling, University of Phoenix


About Me

I am married with 3 children. I love to be active and spend time with family. I enjoy beautiful Colorado, and when I’m not outside, you might find me reading a good book.

One of my passions is competing. My personal achievements include medals in sparring and breaking at countless local competitions as well as national and international competitions in California, Washington, and Colorado. I even won gold and silver in Australia in 2013!

Outside of Taekwondo, I have competed in various other sports including marathons, triathlons, and bodybuilding. I also played competitive volleyball and basketball in college.

Why I Teach

As a school counselor and a taekwondo instructor, I get to pursue my passions. I get to make a difference for many students. It is fulfilling to watch students grow both physically and mentally in their journey of taekwondo and life.

I feel like what I do is give each student a gift. The gift they receive is different for each student. Some need the physical challenge, others need the focus, some need to learn discipline and self-control, and some need confidence. They all can learn how to better defend themselves if necessary. These are all priceless gifts. What each student does with that gift is up to them. In return I receive tenfold the gift I give. I learn more from my students than I could ever teach them. 

Each student has their own area of challenge, and as an instructor, I get to aid them in pushing beyond what they thought possible for themselves. My goal as an instructor is to use my skills and education to make a difference for as many students as I can reach.

I am so blessed to be able to spend time with these amazing students at ECA! I can’t imagine being anywhere else!