Front Range Community College: College Now

We are pleased to announce that we will be beginning a partnership with Front Range Community College (FRCC) in the spring of 2018. Starting next semester, ECA will be offering courses to our students on ECA’s campus through FRCC’s concurrent enrollment program called College Now. These courses will be supplemental to our current curriculum, adding to the college courses we will continue to offer in conjunction with the University of Colorado Denver’s CU Succeed program. In addition to expanding the courses we can offer our students at ECA, this partnership will eventually provide ECA students with the ability to take classes at Front Range that we are unable to house on our campus such as medical, automotive, and culinary courses.  Just like the CU Succeed courses, all courses offered through the College Now Program are accredited through the Colorado Department of Higher Education’s Guaranteed Transfer program which guarantees college credit will transfer to all Colorado state schools. Tuition for College Now courses will be covered by ECA.


The registration process for these classes requires enrollment in FRCC, which occurs in four steps:

1) Thursday, October 19th: Mandatory Information Night at FRCC: from 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

2) Tuesday, October 24th Application to FRCC: FRCC Staff will come to ECA to assist students with applications during the school day

3) Tuesday, November 7th Accuplacer Test: FRCC stay will come to ECA during the school day to administer an admission assessement required for some courses

4) Wednesday, November 29th Registration: FRCC Staff will come to ECA during the school day to enroll approved students


The Information Night on Thursday, October 19th will be hosted by FRCC (3645 W 112th Ave, Westminster CO) in the Rocky Mountain Room.  The Rocky Mountain Room is inside entrance 2, near the flag poles. Attendance at the Information Session by the student is required by FRCC and it is also recommended that a guardian attend. The focus of the event is to describe both the opportunities provided by the College Now program, but also the responsibilities. If your student is unable to attend the Information Night, please contact Dr. Greg Nusz, ECA Dean of Academics at or 720-473-4400.


ECA ConCurrent Enrollment courses for spring 2018

Front Range Community College - College Now

  • HIS 122 Modern US History - Dr. Elisabeth Bell
  • LIT 115 Introduction to Literature - Dr. Elisabeth Bell
  • ENG 121 Composition I - Dr. Dana Green
  • ENG 221 Creative Writing - Dr. Dana Green
  • MAT 135 Introductory Statistics - Dr. Erica Hastert

University of Colorado Denver - CU Succeed

  • CHEM 1474 Chemistry for the Consumer - Dr. Danielle Ladd
  • PHYS Foundations of Physics - Dr. Danielle Lad
  • ENVS 1042 Introduction to Environmental Science - Eric Gordon
  • MATH 1130 Precalculus MAthematics - Dr. Erica Hastert
  • MATH 1401 Calculus I - Dr. Erica Hastert
  • SPAN 1000 Introduction to Cultures of the Spanish-Speaking World - Dennis Olson
  • SPAN 1010Beginning Spanish I - Dennis Olson
  • SPAN 1020 Beginning Spanish II - Dennis Olson