Code of Conduct


We, the brothers and sisters of ECA, are on a mission to illuminate our every day with wisdom and alight our future paths to college.

On this mission, I will enter the building as a learner. I will enter on time. On some days, I will even be early.

Awake, I will stay so. Alert, I will strive to be. Aware of the rich diversity of our global campus, tolerance and kindness I will demonstrate.

I will be an active student. I will ask questions. I will read closely. I will take notes. I will track due dates. Every day I will cultivate the habits of hard work.

In class, I will adapt to different teaching styles. Engaging my peers, I will separate the intellectual exchange of ideas from personal attack.

Demonstrating respect, I will make and maintain eye contact while speaking as clearly as possible.

With respect for my classmates, I will walk the hallways with respect too for our tools, books, and our teachers who walk with us on this mission.

As a global citizen, I will also follow the impulse to pick up and recycle stray pieces of paper, even if I know not their origin.

Paying attention to the words I choose, their volume, and force, I will avoid profanity. More so, the words I choose will lift up my ECA community as every day we’re becoming the leaders of tomorrow in Colorado and the world.

And on this mission we shall move as sisters and brothers, working together toward wisdom, and to college.