You know it when you see it. A certain something. The moment when an individual shines forth and human effort yields divine excellence. The moment when people become poets, artists in action, vividly alive. These are moments of Arête.

For the ancient Greeks and The Early College of Arvada, arête cannot be defined in any one single way. Aristotle saw excellence in contemplation. Homer found arête in dynamic, heroic action. Plato wondered how it could be taught to students.

We believe, like those ancient Greeks, that arête depends on a person’s unique gift. It takes courage and so many other virtues to develop those gifts, but once the journey commences, the world opens up.

Arête yields a sharp gratitude for the gifts we possess and the curiosity and wonder to explore and test limits.

Our students shine in the classrooms and hallways of ECA. Both at school and in the world, our students push the bounds of their talent and potential by deeply engaging in the pursuit of arête.

At The Early College of Arvada, we are scholars, poets, surveyors, and scribes of the human scene. We practice. We work hard. We play the concert violin and ride horses. We are gymnasts, musicians, travelers, brothers, sisters, and friends. We sing, dance, run, and jump. We seek excellence and its many virtues. We are, in a word, alive.