Mat Winter

Science Teacher
BS, Broad Field Science Major with Minors in Physics and Theater
University of Wisconsin

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About Me

    I started my science career in 6th grade when I had the honor of going to Space Academy in Huntsville, Alabama, on scholarship. I graduated from Lakeland Union High School in northern Wisconsin with the full intent of becoming a science teacher. I was accepted to Western State Colorado University but went to the University of Wisconsin – Superior (originally instituted as a college specifically for teachers). I graduated Cum Laude with a Broad Field Science major and minors in Physics and Theatre. For over ten years theatre was one of my greatest passions (half of teaching is theatre!) and for five of those years, I also worked as an information technology specialist.

    When I’m not teaching, I’m helping to run ECA Outing Club. We hike, play paintball, bike, slack line, ski, and snowboard.

Why I Teach

    Science helps to explain many of the things that we as humans are curious about. Even if many of the topics we study in class are forgotten as students age, the practice in logical thinking and exploring our world will stick. I love teaching because it’s more than a job; teaching is mentoring, parenting, educating, learning, and enjoying many of those moments. It’s a lot of work but worth every second. I’m looking forward to many years in this profession.