Lauren Lock

Physical Education and Health Teacher
BS, K-12 Physical Education and Spanish Teaching Emphasis, Grand Valley State University

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About Me

    After one trip to the beautiful state of Colorado, I was sold. Born in Ohio and raised in Michigan and North Caroline (but a Buckeye fan through and through), I am very excited for a new location to explore.

    Since meeting my husband in badminton class during our freshman year of college, I have found a love for the outdoors. We spend our afternoons and weekends with our yellow lab, Sailor, hiking, biking, camping, and trying new things. Our family and friends joke that we don’t need to own a couch and love to hear about our excursions.

    My professional goals include creating opportunity for fitness and activities outside of school and encouraging students to incorporate healthy living into their daily lives.

Why I Teach

    I have been a teacher for three years, but a lover of all things active and physical for my entire life. Teaching Physical Education and being able to provide students with an opportunity to move, play, and work with teammates is truly the best job in the world. When I am asked about teaching P.E., specifically middle school aged students, people usually think I am crazy for choosing to surround myself with teens running (and occasionally shouting) all day.

    What they don’t know is that, secretly, I am living the dream. I have the privilege to teach my students the rules of ultimate scooter handball or create new games that challenge them to cross a room as a team using only a folding yoga mat. I can’t imagine any other profession for my life, and each and every day I’m reminded of how much fun I get to have while incorporating life skills like communication, teamwork, and mutual respect.

    I hope to incorporate a variety of new sport units into the Physical Education program at ECA and am anxious for future growth and the community that comes with P.E.