Lauren Hick

Department Chair, Social Studies Teacher
GT Coordinator

BA, Sociology, Colorado State University
MS, Education, Pace University
MPA, International Policy and Nonprofit Management, New York University

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About Me

    I was born in California and raised in Colorado, and though not quite a native, I consider myself to be. I love Colorado and everything it has to offer. I enjoy being active outdoors, and I love nature. If I am not teaching, you can find me on a hike with my dog, Jake, skiing, crafting, or painting.

    After college, I moved to New York City to teach special education, and after a few years of teaching, I took some time off to develop my understanding of public policy and its impact on education. Though I enjoyed New York City, I wanted to be closer to my family in Colorado.  Following graduation from NYU in 2010, I moved back to Denver to begin teaching again.

Why I Teach

    It wasn’t until the 10th grade that I finally started realizing my full potential. It took the help of one fabulous teacher to show me that I was capable of earning good grades, and I use this experience to motivate me to help each and every learner succeed. My high school teacher had a significant impact on the trajectory of my life and career, and I strive to have a similar impact on my students.

    I believe every student is capable of success, and I use this mentality each time I enter the classroom. Working in special education has taught me that no matter where a student is starting, success is possible. I endeavor to meet students where they are and challenge them to grow and improve. I work hard to provide the right support for students to access the material and strive to tailor my classes to fit the needs of different learning styles.

    My 10th grade social studies teacher, Mr Cummings, worked with me to help me utilize my strengths to find success in his class. His confidence in my abilities gave me confidence. His guidance made a difference in my life, and I hope to have a similar impact on the lives of my students.