Kristina Szesterniak

Social Studies Teacher
BA History- University of Nevada Las Vegas
M.Ed Curriculum and Instruction – University of Nevada Las Vegas

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About Me

    I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, over the last 10 years I have also resided in Arizona, California and Colorado. This is actually my second time moving to Colorado because I knew this was where home was for me. I love the outdoors but my all time favorite activity is snowboarding! I recently got engaged and will be getting married this fall, my new last name is going to be Szesterniak (let’s see if my students can say that one).

    After my undergrad I wanted to take the summer and travel Europe. I ended up traveling to 20 different countries in two months with my best friend. The history we saw captivated me. Each place we visited inspired me in different ways. I have always had a passion for history, but this trip made it come alive for me. I knew when I got home I wanted to share this love in a classroom. I wanted to bring history alive for my students!

Why I Teach

    First and foremost I wanted to teach because I loved working with kids. Children are what makes my job worth every second. To see the “light bulb” of comprehension go off in a student’s mind is the most rewarding experience. The second reason I wanted to teach is to guide and challenge my students is every aspect of their lives. My teaching philosophy stems from the idea presented by Margaret Mead. She believed in teaching how to learn not only what to learn. Although content is essential in the learning process, I feel it is imperative to teach students how to critically think. Once they have mastered their critical thinking skills, they can connect and apply those skills to real life lessons and experiences.